Tribal Crime and Justice: Law Enforcement

NIJ-funded research on American Indian (AI) and Alaska Native (AN) law enforcement has revealed the following:

  • Stable and respected tribal governments with separate powers, who maintain control over all aspects of tribal institutions, are best positioned to address policing problems in their communities. To help communities develop a new policing strategy, researchers have assessed the administration and efficacy of AI and AN policing and examined the viability of various policing strategies, including community policing, to address the crime problem in AI and AN communities. Learn more from the NIJ Research Report Policing on American Indian Reservations.
  • Culturally sensitive protocols help identify AI and AN people at risk for suicidal behavior. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among jail detainees, but research rarely explores the role of ethnicity and culture in this behavior. Researchers have interviewed and surveyed detainees in a Northern Plains detention facility, and many AI and AN detainees reported feeling uncomfortable with their assessments. Learn more from the NIJ Research for Practice American Indian Suicides in Jail: Can Risk Screening Be Culturally Sensitive?
Date Modified: February 20, 2013