Equipment Testing Programs

Backing and vest after testing

Image courtesy of NIST/OLES

NIJ administers two testing programs: (1) standards-based testing and (2) comparative evaluations. These two programs ensure that the equipment used in the field is safe and reliable and meets the needs of the users.

Standards-Based Testing

In our standards-based testing program, products are tested in accordance with voluntary national performance standards.

Conducted at NIJ-approved independent testing laboratories, this testing confirms the equipment's compliance with NIJ standards. Many public safety agencies require compliance with NIJ standards before the equipment is purchased.

Testing of this type is being performed on:

Comparative Evaluations


Comparative evaluation — field-testing and publishing test data — allows users to select the product that best suits their needs and requirements.

Testing of this type is now being performed in coordination with the Michigan State Police on patrol vehicles Exit Notice

Testing of this type sometimes is performed also on:

Date Modified: July 5, 2016