Standards Development for Detection and Surveillance Equipment

As part of the technology development process, NIJ strives to ensure that equipment is safe and reliable and performs according to established minimum requirements and evidence-based standards.

Standards for Video Systems

Through input from the field, NIJ has identified the need for standards for video systems. Interoperability across systems and standardized output could help law enforcement handle video evidence more effectively. Standards would make it easier, for example, to redact segments as required by the courts.

NIJ is in the process of developing new standards for:

NIJ also has plans to develop standards for body-worn cameras.

Standards for Contraband Detection Technology

NIJ has active standards for both walk-through and hand-held metal detectors. We are in the process of updating both standards based on research performed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

To learn more, visit Developing Technology Standards in the Technology and Tools section.

Date Created: August 29, 2012