Aviation Technology Technical Working Group: Helping to Set Program Priorities and Identifying Operational Needs

NIJ's aviation portfolio is guided by a 15-member technology working group (TWG) comprising experienced practitioners from local, state, tribal and federal agencies and laboratories. Members help NIJ to set program priorities and develop a research agenda.

The TWG has identified the following program priorities, which NIJ considers in planning for the program:

  • Test and evaluate various aircraft.
  • Test and evaluate low-cost unmanned aircraft systems.
  • Test and evaluate supporting aviation technologies (e.g., cameras, sensors).
  • Develop low-cost aerostats (e.g., hot air balloons, airships, moored balloons).
  • Develop new technologies (e.g., green aircraft).
  • Train and educate law enforcement on using aviation technology.
  • Establish best practices and guidelines for using and acquiring aviation technology.
  • Establish safety guidelines.
  • Develop guidelines to assist law enforcement with the administrative aspects of an aviation unit.
Date Created: February 27, 2012