How Fatigue Affects Health

Fatigue can harm an officer's mental health by:

  • Increasing mood swings.
  • Impairing judgment.
  • Decreasing an officer's adaptability to certain situations.
  • Heightening an officer's sense of threat.
  • Increasing anxiety or depression.
  • Increasing the chances of mental illness (e.g., officers may develop post-traumatic stress disorder or bipolar disorder).

Fatigue can harm an officer's physical health by:

  • Reducing eye-hand coordination.
  • Causing an officer to gain weight.
  • Causing pain (e.g., backaches, headaches).
  • Making an officer unable to relax (e.g., cause restless sleep, provoke heightened alert response).
  • Causing gastrointestinal problems (e.g., loss of appetite, abdominal distress or ulcers).
  • Damaging the cardiovascular system (e.g., causing heart disease, arteriosclerosis or congestive heart failure).
Date Created: January 6, 2009