Past Executive Session on Policing

In the early 1980s, an executive session sponsored by NIJ and Harvard University helped resolve many law enforcement issues of the day. It produced a number of papers and concepts that revolutionized policing. For example, it helped shape the community policing initiative, a problem-solving approach that asked officers to leave their patrol cars and build rapport with members of their communities. Community policing has since been widely adopted, uniting communities and law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime and social disorder.

Papers From the Previous Executive Session on Policing

Police and Communities: The Quiet Revolution (pdf, 8 pages), Kelling, George L.. February 1988.

Crime and Policing (pdf, 14 pages), Moore, Mark H., Robert C. Trojanowicz and George L. Kelling. June 1988.

Policing and the Fear of Crime (pdf, 8 pages), Moore, Mark H. and Robert C. Trojanowicz. June 1988.

The Evolving Strategy of Policing (pdf, 16 pages), Kelling, George L. and Mark H. Moore. November 1988.

Debating the Evolution of American Policing: An Edited Transcript to Accompany "The Evolving Strategy of Policing," (pdf, 11 pages), Hartmann, Francis X., ed. November 1988.

Corporate Strategies for Policing (pdf, 16 pages), Moore, Mark H. and Robert C. Trojanowicz. November 1988.

Police Accountability and Community Policing (pdf, 8 pages), Kelling, George L., Robert Wasserman and Hubert Williams. November 1988.

Values in Policing (pdf, 8 pages), Wasserman, Robert and Mark H. Moore. November 1988.

Implementing Community Policing (pdf, 11 pages), Sparrow, Malcolm K. November 1988.

Neighborhoods and Police: The Maintenance of Civil Authority (pdf, 12 pages), Kelling, George L. and James K. Stewart. May 1989.

The Police and Drugs (pdf, 14 pages), Moore, Mark H. and Mark A.R. Kleiman. September 1989.

Community Policing: A Practical Guide for Police Officials (pdf, 12 pages), Brown, Lee P. September 1989.

The Evolving Strategy of Police: A Minority View (pdf, 16 pages), Williams, Hubert and Patrick V. Murphy. January 1990.

The Strategic Management of Police Resources (pdf, 10 pages), Kennedy, David M. January 1993.

Community Policing and the Police Officer (pdf, 12 pages), Meese, Edwin III. January 1993.

Information Systems and the Development of Policing (pdf, 11 page), Sparrow, Malcolm K. March 1993.

Implementing Community Policing: The Administrative Problem (pdf, 12 pages), Kelling, George L. and William J. Bratton. June 1993.

Date Created: March 4, 2009