Sharing Data Between Law Enforcement, Crime Laboratories and the Courts: The Forensic Information Data Exchange

The Forensic Information Data Exchange (FIDEX) system allows criminal justice stakeholders to share forensic information. It consists of the portal and two standardized sets of Information Exchange Package Documents (IEPD), one for submitting forensic cases to the crime laboratory and one for tracking the disposition of court cases for which forensic evidence has been submitted.

FIDX provides a bridge for information to flow both ways between law enforcement, crime laboratory and court information systems

By electronically determining the real-time status of court cases, crime laboratories can reduce their backlogs by identifying cases that have been dismissed or plea bargained in the courts and no longer need analysis.

Implementing FIDEX

Begin by reviewing the FIDEX Implementation Guide (pdf, 18 pages). The Guide provides information on:

  • FIDEX Platform
  • Web-based Portal
  • Business Considerations
  • Technology Considerations
  • Technical Requirements

Download the application files:

Point of Contact

Gerald LaPorte, Forensic Policy Program Manager
(202) 305-1106