Publications on DNA and Property Crimes

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Published by NIJ

"" NIJ Journal 253, January 2006, NCJ 212262.

"DNA Evidence: What Law Enforcement Officers Should Know (pdf, 6 pages)," NIJ Journal 249, July 2003, NCJ 200908.

"DNA in 'Minor' Crimes Yields Major Benefits in Public Safety (pdf, 4 pages)," NIJ In Short, November 2004, NCJ 207203.

"Report to the Attorney General on Delays in Forensic DNA Analysis (pdf, 20 pages)," NIJ Special Report, March 2003, NCJ 199425.

"What Every Law Enforcement Officer Should Know About DNA Evidence-First Responding Officers" (online training), President's DNA Initiative, January 2000, NCJ 182992.

Other Publications

"Busting Burglars With Spit, Vomit," by Luke O'Brien, Wired, July 18, 2006.

"Smoke Screen: The DNA Burglary Project Is on the Case," by Jessica Centers, Denver Westword, September 14, 2006.

"Sneak Thieves and Cat Burglars BEWARE," by Ronnie Garett, Law Enforcement Technology, November 14, 2006.

Date Created: April 30, 2008