How Can Communities Address Youth Gun Violence?

NIJ and other Department of Justice agencies work with state and local authorities to address gun violence through a national program called Project Safe Neighborhoods. U.S. Attorneys in all 50 states have formed partnerships with local agencies to reduce gun violence within particular communities. This is accomplished through working groups or task forces that design and implement intervention strategies proven to be effective by research or testing (evidence-based).

Comprehensive Anti-Gang Initiative. In 2006, the U.S. Attorney General's office launched CAGI as an extension of PSN. CAGI uses PSN enforcement strategies along with intelligence and enforcement efforts targeted at gangs.

CAGI also has a prevention and re-entry strategy that seeks to reduce juvenile gang involvement and gang violent crime by addressing the personal, family and community factors that contribute to a young offender's criminal career. This re-entry strategy includes services such as counseling, job placement and housing assistance.

Date Created: June 25, 2008