Programs for Drug-Involved Offenders

Drug treatment programs for offenders on probation can help people stay out of jail if they avoid drugs, comply with supervision and pass regular tests to prove they are drug free. This practice saves the costs of incarceration and supports the offender’s rehabilitation within the community

Research shows that court-monitored drug abuse treatment programs can help prevent offenders from committing new crimes. The success of the strategy, however, requires much effort on the part of everyone working in the criminal justice system (police, prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation officers and judges) to enforce the rules and respond to violations quickly and consistently

Swift and certain punishment for violations is an effective way to improve compliance with the terms of probation. NIJ funds evaluations of programs that use the principles of swift and certain punishment. NIJ also funds research and development of electronic technology to help law enforcement track offender behavior and respond quickly to violations.

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Date Created: April 16, 2018