Video Transcript: The NIJ/IACP Partnership

Speaking in this video:

  • Nancy Rodriquez, Director, National Institute of Justice
  • Hassan Aden, Director, Research and Programs, The International Association of Chiefs of Police

Nancy Rodriquez, Director, National Institute of Justice: We’ve developed a wonderful partnership with IACP over the years. They’ve been truly, I think, our link to the law enforcement agencies that, again, we aim to serve. At NIJ we are very committed to ensuring that our key stakeholders are aware of the latest research that is really going to advance policing in the 21st century. And through IACP, they have provided us a wonderful venue, not only through their various committees but also through their conference and our ongoing engagement, to be able to link what we know about what works in policing to the field.

Hassan Aden, Director, Research and Programs, The International Association of Chiefs of Police: The partnership between the IACP and NIJ matters because both are thought-leaders in their areas, and NIJ, obviously, leading a brilliant group of researchers. IACP has the connection to the field. So that connection sort of bridges the gap between really strong research and what the field can consume. And that’s critical.

Nancy Rodriquez: We have now imbedded a Saturday session at the IACP Conference which allows us to highlight some of the key issues that, again, are facing policing in this country. We work jointly with the research advisory committee to identify topics of interest. And I’m happy to say that every year we see an increase in attendance, and that to me conveys the real need and value of our work and our collaborative efforts.

Hassan Aden:  I think that research has always mattered in policing, but never as much as it matters now, today. Research informs good decisions. It helps with the financial part of policing, as well—when you make evidence-based decisions on how you’re going to deploy, what you’re going to deploy, where you’re going to deploy it. So it matters in the day to day. But just in terms of making smart decisions, it’s good to know what works. And there’s no other way to find out what works without researching it, and doing proper research.

Date Created: January 13, 2016