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Fiscal Year 2018 Solicitation Q&As

General Q&A Regarding File Attachments in

Question: Where within the package should attachments be included? Does the order of attachments matter?
All attachments can be added using the “Add Attachments” button in section 15 of the SF-424. There is no limit to the number of attachments that can be added. There is a 200 MB limit to the total size of all files and a 100 MB limit on any one file.

While the order in which attachments are added is not important, file names must be indicative of what they contain (e.g., the program abstract file should include “Program Abstract” in the file name).

General Q&As Regarding New Investigator/Early Career Opportunity

The following Q&As apply to all fiscal year 2018 solicitations that include the section titled "New Investigator/Early Career Opportunity."

Question: Does the PI have to meet the requirements listed under the heading “New Investigator/Early Career Opportunity” when the application is submitted?
Answer: Those requirement are required only if you wish your proposal to be given consideration as a “New Investigator/Early Career Opportunity” application. While NIJ is interested in supporting researchers who are early in their careers, we are not limiting applicants based on those requirements.
Question: Would consideration under this section be given to a proposal that includes an experienced senior researcher as co-PI? Would consideration still be given to a proposal if the proposed early career PI is a Co-PI on a current NIJ project (not the named PI)?
Answer: In a proposal involving more than one investigator, the lead investigator must meet the criteria specified for the application to be eligible under the New Investigator/Early Career Opportunity.

Research and Evaluation on Hate Crime

Question: How does NIJ define hate crimes? Can discrimination be considered a hate crime under this solicitation?
Answer: The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines hate crime (also known as bias crime) as "a criminal offense committed against a person, property, or society that is motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender's bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin." Other definitions may be used but need to be justified by the applicant (e.g., state law includes other protected groups).

Research and Evaluation of Technologies to Improve School Safety

Question: Is the development of new technologies allowable under this funding opportunity?
Answer: No. The development of ‘new’ technologies is unacceptable and only those proposals suggesting ‘trivial’ alterations to existing technologies will be reviewed.

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Date Modified: April 17, 2018