School districts across the country employ technologies to prevent, respond to, and mitigate criminal acts of violence.

As part of the Comprehensive School Safety Initiative, NIJ funded two complementary projects to help answer some basic questions, including: What technologies are currently in use and how those technologies are being used? How much do we know about the effectiveness of those technologies in keeping schools safe?

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NIJ recently released a five-year Safety, Health, and Wellness Strategic Research Plan, that includes studying prevention and intervention of officer suicide. NIJ and its research and practitioner partners will:

  • Study the impact of an officer’s exposure to traumatic events and vicarious trauma on their mental health.
  • Assess the prevalence of and contributing factors to trauma-related disorders in criminal justice professions.
  • Identify specific risk factors associated with suicide in officers.

Learn about this Strategic Plan and how it will further police and correctional officer safety in their unique work environments.

Effects of Police Fatigue

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Watch a video about protecting law enforcement officers from the dangers of fatigue. Research can help law enforcement agencies implement policies needed to keep officers safe.

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Investigative Leads from Auto Paint

PC plot of the two largest principal components of paint samples

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Learn about an NIJ-supported effort to enhance approaches to data interpretation of forensic paint examinations from vehicles to generate investigative leads and support courtroom testimony.

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