Solicitation Deadlines Extended

NIJ has extended the deadlines for two solicitations:


Currently, the U.S. criminal justice system lacks mechanisms by which to learn from its mistakes and prevent their recurrence. Sentinel events signal an underlying system weakness, and – if understood – may provide the information needed to strengthen the systems and prevent future errors from occurring.

Our strategic plan outlines NIJ's current and projected efforts to explore, develop, and evaluate the mechanism of sentinel event reviews for learning from error in criminal justice.

Read the strategic research and implementation plan (pdf, 23 pages)

To improve the relevance and impact of our research investments, we ask that funding solicitation applicants demonstrate real-world relevancy, reach, and potential impact on public safety and the administration of justice.

Newly appointed Acting NIJ Director Howard Spivak is committed to these guiding principles as we continue to build criminal justice research and knowledge, as well as foster multidisciplinary approaches and partnerships throughout projects.

Read Dr. Spivak’s message for insights on our current funding opportunities.

Effective Policing Strategies Reliable research. Real results.

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Law enforcement agencies implement a variety of strategies to combat crime and ensure safety. To date, has rated 64 policing programs that extend beyond traditional models of responding to calls for service and often seek to increase crime prevention, intervention, and response effectiveness.

Learn about effective and promising policing strategies.

Evaluating Anti-Extremism Programs

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Through a project funded by the National Institute of Justice, researchers have examined an effective Muslim-led program that seeks to counter violent extremism. This research represents the first evaluation of a program to counter violent extremism.

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