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For medical-forensic exams, the National Best Practices for Sexual Assault Kits report recommends that the exam should be performed by a health care professional specifically trained in the collection of evidence relating to sexual assault cases, such as a sexual assault nurse examiner.

The report also includes several recommendations for forensic laboratories, who aim to generate a CODIS-eligible DNA profile to support the sexual assault investigation.

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State agencies and organizations are often charged with playing an important role in keeping schools safe. In some states, there are organizations whose entire responsibility is related to school safety. These organizations have the potential to transform how we approach our responsibilities to keep schools safe.

As part of our Comprehensive School Safety Initiative, our new white paper explores the opportunities and challenges these organizations face in their journey to improve school safety.

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Identifying Ignitable Liquids After a Fire

Rows of tanks holding ignitable fluids

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Researchers studied samples of 50 liquids in the Ignitable Liquids Reference Collection to measure the effects of weathering and biological degradation. Their results have been added to the database to help fire investigators correctly identify degraded samples.

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Impact of Ventilation on Fire Patterns

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An NIJ-supported project at Underwriters Laboratories is examining how ventilation impacts impacts fire damage and the resulting fire patterns in structures representing single family homes.

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