Solicitation Deadlines Extended

NIJ has extended the deadlines for two solicitations:


Many law enforcement agencies do not have computerized systems to track the processing of a Sexual Assault Kit (SAK). This funding will assist eligible states, units of local government, and tribal governments to inventory, track, and report all untested and unsubmitted SAKs and help these jurisdictions ensure accountability and transparency for the collection, processing and testing of SAKs.

Review the solicitation. Applications are due April 28, 2017.

NIJ is the largest support agency in the United States for forensic laboratory technical assistance, and offers the only extramural grant program in the nation dedicated to forensic science research, development, and evaluation.

In a new Director’s Corner, Acting Director Howard Spivak summarizes NIJ’s major contributions in strengthening the forensic science enterprise and restoring trust in the scientific underpinnings of the varied forensic science disciplines.

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Reconstructing Mass Disasters

Our goal is to make [skeletal reconstruction] easier for law enforcement and paleoanthropology. Mahamed Mahfouz, Principal Investigator

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A new software, created with the support of NIJ, will aid in the reconstruction of fragmented bones, with a focus on mixed fragments from multiple individuals. This work may eventually automate the process of reconstructing remains.

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Progress on Testing Kits

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Learn about the importance of utilizing available resources, including research and support from NIJ, in making progress towards processing untested sexual assault kits.

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