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First responders, investigators, forensic nurses, laboratory analysts, advocates, and attorneys who interact with sexual assault victims can work together to support the victim and increase the potential for legal resolutions.

Read our new research-based report for the latest best practices and recommendations for responding to sexual assault.

The rigors of policing have become increasingly complicated by the expanding roles of police. At NIJ, we are focusing on promoting research goals and priorities that will provide the police with knowledge and tools that will support their workforce, improve practices, and help keep our nation safe.

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Correctional Officer Safety & Wellness

silhouette of an officer looking out a window

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A new NIJ-supported paper examines what we learned from the research literature. The paper identifies risks corrections officers confront, notes key limitations in the research literature, and recommends policies designed to enhance officer well-being.

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Survey on Contraband Detection Tech

Hallway in a prison

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What commercial technologies can uncover contraband in jails? Corrections administrators looking to purchase contraband detection technologies can review a new report of an NIJ-funded survey of 103 different products.

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