NIJ-supported researchers are applying a technique called very small particle (VSP) analysis to criminal investigations. Analysis includes examining dust on an object and tracing it back its original location, and comparing two or more objects to determine if they have been in the same place.

A new article summarizes their work, and points to the potential of VSP to support admissible forensic testimony and extend beyond current limitations of traditional forensics methods.

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NIJ-supported researchers have compiled a compendium of microcrystal tests to assist forensic scientists. The McCrone Research Institute compiled 19 microcrystal tests in order to “fulfill a critical need for reliable analytical methods and assist forensic scientists and other researchers in their work.”

Microcrystal test techniques can distinguish different types of crystals formed in specific types of chemical reactions and can provide an initial identification for a majority of controlled substances.

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LEADS Scholar Interviews

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Law enforcement officers discuss how NIJ’s Law Enforcement Advancing Data and Science (LEADS) scholar program benefits professional development and fosters nationwide collaboration between law enforcement, research institutions, and communities.

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Forensic Funding Report for FY '16

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NIJ is committed to serving the law enforcement and forensic science communities by coupling rigorous research and development with capacity enhancement and technical assistance. Our recent efforts in this mission are detailed in this newly released report.

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