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The Forensic Technology Center of Excellence released a technical resource document on massively parallel sequencing, also called next-generation sequencing; a technology that holds promise for enhancing the capabilities of forensic DNA laboratories.

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NIJ-supported research has shown that a model combining community structural characteristics, crime counts from the previous year, and an estimate of near repeat activity generates the best results overall when predicting the potential risk of the type and place of a crime.

This research led to the development of a free software tool police departments can use to make geographic forecasts of crime risk.

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Spatial Statistics Software

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An NIJ grantee developed a spatial statistics program for the analysis of crime incident locations. Law enforcement agencies and researchers can use this free software in crime mapping efforts.

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Understanding Cyberbullying

Dr. Megan Moreno discusses the importance of having a common definition of cyberbullying in order to develop effective prevention and intervention programs to help children and teens.

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