Training: Advanced Crime Mapping and Analysis Using ArcGIS 9.3

NIJ sponsors crime mapping training courses for law enforcement personnel in conjunction with the NIJ Crime Mapping Research Conference, which we plan to host every other year beginning in 2013.

This class will provide students with an understanding of many advanced crime mapping techniques. Students may use their own data as they perform and master the techniques shown during this comprehensive class.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Mapping for problem solving
  • Advanced kernel density mapping
  • Crime rates and crime rate analysis using census data
  • Report analysis techniques for CompStat using maps
  • Spatial temporal analysis
  • Density analysis and animation
  • Assessing crime changes over time
  • Assessing the impact of interventions

Course Prerequisites: This class is intended for those with an extensive background and training in crime mapping who regularly complete sophisticated spatial analysis. Participants should have taken the intermediate course or have four years experience. Interested participants must provide information on their background and training in mapping techniques and applications.


Contact Susan Smith at or 913-302-4455 if you have any questions about this course.

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Date Modified: May 30, 2012