Information-Led Policing

Sharing information through technology is at the heart of NIJ’s information-led policing efforts. Agencies may miss opportunities to make arrests and positive identifications and enhance the quality of intelligence if there are gaps in the way different agencies gather and process information.

Law enforcement becomes more effective when multiple agencies access, share, and analyze intelligence and other data. For example, information sharing and the technologies that make it possible can vastly improve critical incident management.

NIJ’s information-led policing research and development effort is creating tools, technologies, and new approaches to the overall information-sharing capabilities of State and local agencies.


NIJ sets priorities for its information-led policing effort through annual meetings with State and local law enforcement professionals and experts in information technology. These specialists know best what the field needs; they convey these needs to NIJ and help set priorities.

NIJ’s aim is to improve technologies that (1) law enforcement agencies can acquire and use quickly and (2) have inherent data interoperability qualities—which can be achieved through compliance with the Global Justice XML Data Model.

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Date Created: November 15, 2007