Funding to Identify Missing Persons

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Description and Goals

DNA technology can provide valuable information to assist in determining the source of unidentified human remains. In recent years, newer DNA technologies have substantially increased the successful analysis of aged, degraded, limited, or otherwise compromised biological evidence. As a result, biological samples, including skeletal remains, once thought to be unsuitable for testing, may now yield DNA profiles. Additionally, samples that previously generated inconclusive DNA results may now be amenable to reanalysis using newer methods.

The goals of this program are:

  1. To assist eligible entities in performing DNA analysis on unidentified human remains and/or reference samples to support the efforts of States and units of local government to identify missing persons.
  2. To enter the resulting DNA profiles into the FBI's National DNA Index System using the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS)

Applying for Funding

Funding under this program is available periodically through a competitive solicitation process administered by the National Institute of Justice. To apply for this, or any funding from the National Institute of Justice, you must first register with the Office of Justice Programs' Grants Management System, Grants.gov or both.

When applying for funding under this program, review carefully the full text of the solicitation. When the solicitation is open, it will by listed on NIJ's Current Funding page. If the solicitation is not open, you may review past solicitations for information purposed only as the s​​pecific requirements and goals of the program may change from year to year.

Awards Made

​ ​
Awards Made Fiscal Years 2008-2010, 2012-2013​​
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Fiscal YearAwards Made
2012 4


2010 9 $5,433,131
2009 5 $4,300,000
2008 5$5,209,120
​Awards Made Fiscal Years 2004-2007
​Fiscal YearAwardeeAmount
2007Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension$224,696
2007 Total $224,696
2006​Louisiana State Police$1,000,000
2006 Total $1,000,000
2005University of North Texas Health Science Center-Fort Worth$1,484,782
2005University of North Texas Health Science Center-Fort Worth$283,868
2005 Total $1,786,650
2004University of North Texas Health Science Center-Fort Worth$750,000
2004University of North Texas Health Science Center-Fort Worth$249,902
2004University of Central Florida$186,892
2004University of North Texas Health Science Center-Fort Worth$415,493
2004 Total $1,602,287
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