Training: Mobile Device Forensics

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Even as law enforcement builds its capacity to collect and analyze digital evidence from mobile devices, the landscape is constantly changing. With more than 40 cell phone operating systems in use and manufacturers frequently releasing new or updated operating systems, providing law enforcement with current forensics tools and training opportunities is a major challenge. Currently, there are few tools and trainings that encompass the entire scope of cell phone forensic acquisition and analysis.

Cell Phone Forensics 101, a three-day training program, attempts to fill this gap. The program is offered to law enforcement at locations throughout the United States. The course offers a review of best practices for seizing and preserving cell phones and the evidence they contain. This training covers where evidence may be found on the phone, how to preserve that evidence as well as how to properly transport and package cell phones for examinations. NIJ funded the development of this training program.

Because the training is not software-specific, students can apply what they learn to various programs. Material covered in the training is constantly updated to reflect new developments in mobile device technology.

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BK Forensics offers both the Cell Phone Forensics 101 course and Mobile Phone Seizure Training and CertificationVisit the BK Forensics website Exit Notice to learn more about these courses including course locations and costs.

Date Modified: November 19, 2010