Violent Crimes

Explaining the Rise in Violent Crime in 2015

NIJ has released the white paper Documenting and Explaining the 2015 Homicide Rise: Research Directions (pdf, 31 pages) by Dr. Richard Rosenfeld. 

See also a message from Director Rodriguez in which she discusses the paper and the rise in violent crime.     

In a violent crime, a victim is harmed by or threatened with violence. Violent crimes include rape and sexual assault, robbery, assault and murder.

NIJ supports research that strives to understand and reduce the occurrence and impact of violent crimes. This includes describing the scope of these crimes, such as how and when they occur and their consequences. NIJ also supports evaluations of existing programs, practices and policies meant to prevent violent crime or to assist victims.

Learn more about types of violent crimes and efforts to address them:

Date Modified: March 30, 2014