NIJ’s Comprehensive School Safety Initiative

The goal of NIJ's Comprehensive School Safety Initiative (CSSI) is to improve school safety by providing communities with best practices for programs and policies based on rigorous scientific research, testing and evaluation.

We know a lot about how to make schools safe in general, but we know much less about the specific mechanisms and settings and the populations where these efforts are most effective. NIJ launched the Initiative in early 2014 in response to a congressional appropriation of $75 million for a large-scale, integrated research effort to increase school safety by building knowledge about what works.

With the Initiative, the nation will gain an understanding of school safety that is scientifically sound, practical and easily used by schools.

The Initiative has three broad components, each designed to produce evidence about what works and to identify best practices:

  • Understand school safety issues, existing models and data
  • Sponsor independent and innovative research
  • Test the effects of interventions via pilot projects

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Date modified: September 30, 2014