Training Tools for Increasing School Safety

School Crime Operations Package (COP)

NIJ-funded software for entering, mapping and analyzing crime incidents that occur in and around schools. This tool will help school law enforcement establish policies for school safety, target school violence, and prepare for future threats.

Incident Commander: Computer Simulation for Crisis Managers

An NIJ public-private partnership led to the creation of this computer simulation that allows users to act as crisis managers. Training scenarios pit trainees against four real-world disasters — a school shooting, a bomb in a courthouse, a hurricane, and an overturned train tanker car leaking hazardous materials. Users can act alone or coordinate with a team to employ emergency and public services. Training typically focuses on communities with less than 500,000 residents.

Training Through Electronic Simulation

NIJ is creating a school safety simulation training module using software and hardware gaming technologies from Departments of Justice and Defense initiatives. This training will help school-based law enforcement officers better police K-12 facilities and university campuses.

Responding to School Shootings

A program sponsored by the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center — Active Shooter — will train local police how to respond to a school shooting crisis. Training accompanies installation of an emergency response system in a local school. The system, Rapid Response, takes surveys, videos and photographs of a school and creates a Web-based tool that police officers can use in a crisis. Officers can access the tool on their patrol car computers; get an electronic view of the school; and identify hazards, exits and vantage points for a fast, accurate response.

Date Created: May 22, 2008