Practical Implications of Current Domestic Violence Research: For Law Enforcement, Prosecutors and Judges

Published June 2009

Chapter 5. Law Enforcement Responses

Section 1 — Are specialized law enforcement domestic violence units effective in responding to domestic violence?

Performance Measure: A total of 11 percent of police departments have specialized domestic violence units, according to a national survey of a representative sample of 14,000 law enforcement agencies. Most domestic violence units work within investigative units and are most common in larger departments. A majority of departments (56 percent) with 100 or more officers have specialized domestic violence units. Although only 4 percent of departments maintain domestic violence information on their Web sites, three-quarters of those departments also have specialized domestic violence units. [213] (Research basis: A representative sample drawn from 14,000 law enforcement agencies across the nation.)

Date Created: June 5, 2009