Elder Justice Roundtable: Medical Forensic Issues Concerning Abuse and Neglect

Attorney General Janet Reno's determination to generate comprehensive solutions in the area of elder abuse and creation of the U.S. Department of Justice Nursing Home Initiative culminated in a medical forensic roundtable held October 18, 2000. Twenty-seven experts gathered to discuss the interrelated medical, legal, and organizational issues concerning elder justice. The discussion focused on four topics: detecting and diagnosing elder abuse and neglect, applying the forensic science, educating the healthcare profession, and developing a research agenda.

A consensus emerged that an inadequate research base, lack of education, insufficient coordination, and poor planning nationwide have made it difficult to prevent, detect, diagnose, intervene, treat, and prosecute elder abuse and neglect.

Attorney General Reno told participants that the roundtable was a groundbreaking step toward successfully addressing elder abuse and urged a multidisciplinary approach.

Date Created: October 18, 2000