Court Technology Needs

As part of the Criminal Justice Priority Needs Initiative, funded by NIJ, RAND has released the new document

Fostering Innovation in the U.S. Court System Identifying High-Priority Technology and Other Needs for Improving Court Operations and Outcomes.

Analyzing Drug Policy

Review the findings from a study analyzing the impact of drug law reform in New York City.

The National Institute of Justice sponsors criminal court research and court-based program evaluation to identify tools, programs and policies that satisfy criminal justice goals including: public safety, cost-efficiency and fai​r and equitable treatment of victims and defendants.

Courts Research Portfolio

NIJ's criminal courts research informs these goals through several approaches:


Technology — courtroom security technologies and forensic and other scientific technologies that support criminal case processing through information sharing, evidence testing and management and other investigative and trial functions.

Contraband Detection Technologies

Types of Forensic Evidence

Types of Investigations

NIJ’s Research on Videoconferencing Pretrial Release Hearings

Date Modified: May 13, 2016