NIJ International Center: Applying Global Knowledge

NIJ uses developments in international criminal research, data and technology to understand crime trends, gain new perspectives and ultimately improve criminal justice practices at the state and local levels in the United States. A large collection of international studies and reports is maintained through the International Document Exchange, a worldwide network for organizations in the criminal and juvenile justice, substance abuse and victim services fields.

Will It Work Here? Transferability Assessments

NIJ also conducts "transferability assessments" to determine the domestic viability of programs and technologies developed abroad. These assessments ask the following questions:

  • What is the background of the program or technology?
  • What is known about similar programs?
  • How much of the program model or technology has the site implemented?
  • What elements from existing data sources are available and applicable?
  • What are the cultural and legal issues that need to be addressed to transfer the program or technology to the United States?

Transferability assessments are internal documents, but may be available upon request. E-mail to request more information.

Date Created: April 23, 2010