Becoming a Peer Reviewer for NIJ

NIJ is seeking reviewers to assess grant applications. Learn about serving on:

Ad Hoc Peer Review Panels

The Institute needs reviewers from diverse backgrounds and regions who have relevant expertise and experience in at least one of the following areas:

  • Crime control and prevention research.
  • Criminology, law enforcement or corrections.
  • DNA analysis, research and development.
  • Information and sensor technologies.
  • Investigative and forensic science and technology.
  • Justice systems research.
  • Law enforcement technologies.
  • Violence and victimization research.

Some reviews are conducted remotely, whereas others involve in-person meetings. Reviewers score 10 to 15 applications within a two-to-four-week period. Before beginning their work, reviewers must participate in an orientation telephone call, which covers the role and responsibilities of the reviewers and the background and purpose of the grant program under review.

Participants receive $125 for each application reviewed.

If you wish to be considered for peer review panels, including future NIJ standing peer review panels, please register on NIJ's Consultant Information System Exit Notice. Thank you for your interest in NIJ's research programs.

Standing Scientific Review Panels

Information about how to become a peer reviewer on a Standing Scientific Review Panel (SSRP) is forthcoming

For fiscal year 2012, NIJ tested new Standing Scientific Review Panels to provide external scientific peer reviews for research applications submitted to NIJ. The SSRPs are "standing panels" to which reviewers are appointed to serve for three years. Each SSRP is designed to have 12 scientific reviewers and six practitioner reviewers who meet in person each year to review research proposals. Individual SSRPs support the social and behavioral, physical, and forensic science programs of NIJ.

Date Modified: December 7, 2012