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Overview of NIJ's Fellowship Programs

NIJ sponsors fellowship programs to strengthen and broaden the pool of researchers looking at the issues of crime and justice by:

  • Providing talented researchers — who hold a terminal degree in any academic discipline and are early in their career — with an opportunity to elevate their independently generated research and ideas to the level of national discussion.  
  • Encouraging promising doctoral students in the application of critical and innovative thinking on pressing criminal justice problems.
  • Fostering the professional development of criminal justice researchers and professionals by providing them an opportunity to work full-time on research addressing criminal justice issues relevant to the work of NIJ and public policy.
  • Encouraging students from any academic discipline to propose original research that has direct implications for criminal justice in the United States.

Learn more about NIJ's three fellowship programs and review lists of past and current fellows:

Applying for an NIJ Fellowship

Candidates for each of NIJ's three fellowship programs must apply through the same process used for other NIJ solicitations. It is as follows:

  1. NIJ releases separate solicitations for each fellowship program. The solicitations are usually released once a year in the fall or early winter.
  2. Applicants prepare an application, including program and budget narratives and a detailed budget worksheet.
  3. Applicants submit their proposal and other required forms through the Office of Justice Programs Grants Management System.

We strongly encourage you to carefully read the solicitation for the specific fellowship program to which you are applying. Each solicitation includes details specific to that program and those details may change from year to year.

Contact Information

Note that the specific areas of interests included in NIJ solicitations vary from year to year and to be fair and open in the competition, we do not discuss solicitations until they are published.  

Visiting Fellowships:
Thomas Feucht
(202) 307-2949

W.E.B. Du Bois Fellowships:
Nadine Frederique
(202) 514-8777

Graduate Research Fellowships:

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