Fiscal Year 2009 Awards

In fiscal year 2009, NIJ made more than 500 awards for a total of approximately $243 million.

Awards were made:

  • In response to competitive solicitations.
  • Under three DNA backlog reduction formula award program.
  • Under one solicitation producing both formula and competitive awards (Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grants Program).
  • As continuations of previously competed awards from past fiscal years.
  • In response to Congressional direction.

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List of all 2009 Awards

You also may view a list of all fiscal year 2012 awards.

The tables below lists all fiscal year 2009 solicitations. You can:

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  • View a list of all awards made under each solicitation by selecting the number in the "Awards Made" column. From that list, you can find a description and additional details for award.

Notice on Solicitation and Award Data.
We are experiencing some problems with the award and solicitation data being presented on While the data associated with individual awards is accurate, lists of awards generated for each solicitation or fiscal year may be incomplete. We are working to sort this out and apologize for the inconvenience.

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