Question and Answers for Specific Solicitations

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Fiscal Year 2015 Solicitations

Collecting Digital Evidence from Large-Scale Computer Systems and Networks

Q-1: What do you define as a large-scale computer system?
A: For the purposes of this solicitation, a large-scale computer system is a large network – not to include the cloud. The best way to picture this is an instance where a crime scene (e.g., a business) has a large onsite network that may contain evidence of whatever crime is in question (e.g., theft of trade secrets, embezzlement, child pornography).
Q-2: Is this solicitation specifically targeting digital forensic research on high performance computing clusters, enterprise level networks comprised of individual desktop/servers, or some other type of system?
A: The solicitation is targeting an enterprise network comprised of individual desktop/servers configuration.
Q-3: What is meant by focusing on the collection of evidence regarding criminal intent and criminal activity not necessarily affecting the network?
A: The objective of the solicitation is the collection of evidence where the network may be used to commit the crime (e.g., embezzlement, theft) or conceal the crime (e.g., child pornography). This solicitation is not directed at the collection of evidence where the network itself is the target (e.g., botnets, malware).

Graduate Research Fellowship in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Q-1: Is Geographic Information Science an eligible discipline under GRF-STEM?
A: Yes. This is an eligible field of study under the category "computer and information sciences and engineering."
Q-2: Will the GRF-STEM opportunity be offered again in the future?
A: We anticipate similar calls for applications to be announced annually, pending the availability of funds.
Q-3: Can you explain what is meant by the "management plan and organization" to be included in the program narrative?
A: This refers to a brief description of the people to be involved in the execution of the project, their specific roles, and any framework to be used for ensuring that tasks are fulfilled.

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