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Learn about an NIJ-funded project to improve the recovery of DNA from spent cartridge casings, which are among the most common types of evidence collected in the wake of shootings.

Researchers are focusing on how best to recover DNA—swabbing, soaking, or lifting with tape—and within those methods, determining which specific techniques are most successful. Their goal is to provide crime labs with more successful approaches to analyzing cartridges.

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Two new articles on NIJ.gov offer insights into research on monitoring and supervision technologies.

“Market Survey of Offender Tracking Technologies Gives Agencies a Snapshot of Available Products” outlines recent studies to support law enforcement and corrections administrators tasked with implementing electronic monitoring programs.

”Data Analysis Has Potential to Improve Community Supervision” highlights a recent study and NIJ's Offender Tracking Systems Standard that aim to support agencies considering implementing data analytic software.

Body-Worn Camera Program

Two officers viewing a crowd.

CrimeSolutions.gov recently rated a body-worn camera program as “Promising.” The program aims to reduce use-of-force incidents and citizen complaints by increasing mutual accountability.

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Schools and CrimeSolutions.gov

Learn how to locate evidence-based programs and practices that can improve school safety. If a school is having a bullying problem, for example, they could use CrimeSolutions.gov to easily find an effective anti-bullying program.

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