Every year, NIJ awards funding for research, development, evaluation, testing, and training and technical assistance projects across the spectrum of criminal justice, such as elder abuse, sexual assault, violence against women, and more.

Review a comprehensive list of the 445 funding awards made in fiscal year 2016, totaling $244,925,264.

In addition to updating our research agenda on teen dating violence, NIJ is sharing new information discovered through recent research. This includes the following topics:

  • Do Teens and Adults Think of Teen Dating Violence in Similar Ways?
  • Building Healthy Teen Relationships: An Evaluation of a Dating Violence Prevention Program with Middle School Students
  • Dating Violence Among Latino Teenagers
  • Prevalence of Teen Dating Violence

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Understanding Cyberbullying

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Hear an expert discuss the importance of a common definition of cyberbullying in order to develop effective prevention and intervention programs. The interview touches on an NIJ-supported research project to help us understand cyberbullying among children and teens.

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Research Assistantship Program

Seeking Research Assistants! Apply by January 27

Doctoral students can gain applied research experience by working as an NIJ Research Assistant. View a list of possible positions under the Research Assistantship Program for academic year 2017-18, which include data science, sexual assault, school safety, and more.

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