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Did you know?

Approx. 20 percent of college women experience some form of sexual assault during their college years.


Youth who fight with their siblings and girls who are exposed to family conflict were more likely to engage in bullying at school. Youth who bullied others in middle school were then more likely to continue bullying others in high school and engage in more serious forms of aggression in romantic relationships.

Read Bullying, Sexual, and Dating Violence Trajectories From Early to Late Adolescence (pdf, 74 pages).

The latest bulletin in the NIJ/OJJDP Study Group on the Transition From Juvenile Delinquency to Adult Crime is now available!

License Plate Reader Systems provide law enforcement with more investigative tools for a variety of crimes by taking images of passing vehicles to compare their license plates against official ‘hotlists,’ saving investigator time.

Download the report (pdf, 124 pages) .

Young girl with backpack waiting for school bus.

Keeping Kids Safe

As you prepare for another school year, learn more about school safety and how to prevent juvenile crime with evidence-based research about teen dating violence, gangs, and bullying. Join the conversation with #BacktoSchool.

Practitioner Scholarships for IACP Conference

Apply for a scholarship to attend the International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference and Expo in October. The scholarships are for mid-rank law enforcement officers and will cover travel, conference registration, per diem expenses and accommodations.